Static Interference
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I was asked for my thoughts on the coronavirus by Technoscene a few months back, here’s what I had to say on the matter;
“This coronavirus pandemic carries 2 major risks to human suffering, a health risk which is by far the most important but not far behind is the economic risk. This second one can lead to human suffering on a much larger scale, unemployment, bankruptcy, creating fear. Its a domino effect and a symptom of the capitalist system that is outdated and draconian. Our banking system could be set up in a way elevating all of us from poverty, not just the rich, but for the most part, it encumbers science and development. In my opinion, our governments need to implement a universal basic income for all, so people don’t suffer needlessly, we don’t need more chaos surrounding this crisis, we need real leadership and a plan of action to minimize the amount of disruption already taking place.
All artists/DJs/graphic designers/promoters are affected by this current state of affairs. Over the last 10 years, we have watched the amount of money we make from producing music dwindle because of the onslaught of streaming sites. Last year was the worst in memory for sales since I began releasing music in 2005 and yet my music was streamed over 500,000 times on various different sites. With most countries going into lockdown, I am now not needed to design flyers or posters as all events have been canceled. I’m also not able to DJ anywhere, all of this will have a knock-on effect of eating into our savings. Currently, I don’t know anyone with the virus, all of my family and friends are taking precautions with social distancing, but it’s having a massive effect on everyone. From my perspective, It shows how fragile our society is and to a degree how pointless a lot of our jobs are.”